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Law Firm Vukadin and partners

Law Firm Vukadin and Partners provides legal service to individuals and corporations in actualizing and protecting their rights and legal interests in both judicial and non-judicial proceedings. Our areas of expertise cover Civil law, Commercial law, Family law, Labour law, Criminal law and other areas of legal practice.

Civil law

- representation of consumers
- representation of clients in judicial proceedings regarding ownership, possession and division of real estate

- registration of real estate in the land register, and apportioning condominium units
- drafting of construction agreements and other types of agreements

- representation in judicial proceedings concerning indemnification of damages

- representation in inheritance proceedings and disputes
- representation in marital disputes regarding property rights and asset distribution.

European Law

- representation in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights
- preparation of projects funded from EU funds
- budgeting of projects funded from EU funds
- implementation of projects funded from EU funds

Labor law
- legal advice with respect to labor law issues

- representation of employers and employees in judicial and arbitral proceedings

- representation in proceedings regarding indemnification of damage due to occupational injury and professional ailments

- Composition of individual and general legal documents relating to labor law

Administrative law

- representation in proceedings before administrative courts

- representation in proceedings before governing bodies

Commercial law, with emphasis on bill of exchange

- representation of clients in proceedings before the commercial court

- drafting of commercial contracts
- representation in judicial proceedings regarding to copyright, industrial property and similar rights

Company law

- advisory services regarding incorporation of companies and other legal entities

- incorporation and establishment of institutions

- representation in proceedings regarding registration in the court register before the competent commercial courts

- advisory services regarding the organization of a company’s general meetings and shareholders

- legal advice and preparation of documents regarding status changes of companies and other legal entities

- liquidation of companies and institutions

- drafting and amendment of founders agreements of corporations and institutions

Criminal law and misdemeanor law

- representation of the plaintiffs

- defense of clients accused in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings

Enforcement of court judgment and bankruptcy law

- forcible realization of claims

- representation in foreclosure proceedings before courts of law and notaries

- representation of insolvency creditors and debtors

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